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The DSI Grouter is perfect for large and small cement and bentonite grout jobs. It is a self contained unit requiring no external power and can be mounted on a trailer, pickup truck or flatbed. The hydraulic system controls the speed of the mixing paddles and the grout pump and makes running this unit very simple. Manufactured with high quality components, a DSI Grouter will give you many years of service with low maintenance costs.

Grouter II/15:

  • Easily Mixes Bentonite and Cement Grout

  • 15 GPM Rotor & Stator Water Pump

  • 250 PSI maximum pressure

  • 15 Cubic Foot Tub Capacity

  • 15 HP Electric Start Gasoline Engine

  • Driven Hydraulic System

  • Independent Water Pump and Mixing Paddle

  • Speed Controls

  • Reverse Valve for Dislodging Foreign Matter
    and pumping water into the tank.

  • Hinged Lid with Removable Grate

  • 20' Grout Hose with 10' Tremie Pipe

  • 3 Water Level Rings Inside Tub

  • 1,000 Pounds Total Weight

Part Number Description
96215000 Grouter II/15

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