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Mobile Minuteman

Max. Auger Depth 30 ft


Max. Hole Size 3 in
Max. Core/Rotary
Depth NW Rods
50 ft
Rig Length 2' 2"
Rig Height
(tower down)
5' 8"
Rig Width 2' 2"
Weight 265 lbs
Max. Torque 350 ft-lbs
Rotational Speed 1,100 rpm
Mounting Portable

The rig is used mostly for tight-access borings. It is capable of coring through concrete slabs 2 to 12 inches in diameter and to a maximum depth of 3 feet, aside from coring/augering capabilities. This rig can also be used with a portable tripod for ease in retrieving drill rods and samples.

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