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Smeal 5T

The 5T is the most popular all around pump hoist on the market today. Its extreme versatility ranges from small submersible pumps all the way to line shaft turbines. 

The 5T is designed with a self-supporting mast which eliminates the need for guy cables. The load is supported by two  3 "x 48" double acting cylinders. Maximum layback on the 5T is 11 ft. back of the truck to allow easy access to hard to get to pumps or pump houses.

The 5T basic rig consists of:

  •  a 36 ft. telescoping mast
  • 12,000 lb. capacity
  • 220 ft. of 7/16" NSNR cable with an open speltered socket
  • 4 ton swivel safety hook
  • block for 2-3 or 4 part line reeving and hydraulic outriggers.

The 5T will adapt to a 1 ton truck or larger.

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